Exciting Basset Hound dog art prints, paintings and stained glass. Basset Hound art on canvas and large pop art prints.

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Basset hound art enlarged to see detail

"Oh my, WOW!
I got the package today and the Basset prints are incredible!! The quality of your work is awesome, Laura...Thank you so much!"

Jelene Morris
Independence, MO

Satisfaction Guaranteed
My limited edition fine Giclee prints are
the highest quality and always exciting
to receive. The colors are rich and
vivid, so much better than can be
shown here. I offer a 100%
satisfaction guarantee,
and have never had one returned.

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The Most Colorful Place For Basset Hound Art!

Basset Hound Art

Basset Hound Art, Basset art, pop dog art

"Pop Bassets"

Original pop (pup) dog art of the classic Basset Hound "Warhol" style by Dog Art Dog artist Laura Sotka. Just watch as this fine Basset Hound art becomes the topic of conversation for everyone that sees them. Basset Hound art makes fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Bassets, and a prized addition for the Basset Hound art collector.

Custom Sizes and Framing Available

Basset Hound Fine Art Print

Custom Basset Hound prints framed and on canvas

Large impressive piece measuring 16" X 36" including 2" border

Fine Giclee Print using heavy archival inks and quality photo gloss paper or canvas

Safe Purchase - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
or Your Money Back

Basset Hound art prints

About Harley, my model:

My basset Harley is a real character!!! She just turned a year old this past March 2nd, and is a real sweetheart. Her favorite things are PEOPLE... she loves the public!! She will cry her eyes out if someone walks buy and doesn't give her a pet on the head. She's like "How dare them not pay any attention to me!" It's ALL about Harley.

She loves attention, but at the same time, she likes "her" time where she noses through her two, yes two boxes of her toys... most of which are handmade; she likes the best! Old socks stuffed with items which she tries to dig out. She loves squeaker toys... those make her growl a little bit and it's so funny! She also loves burying things. Time and time again, I will find a rawhide (which she sometimes likes and sometimes doesn't like) underneath my pillow. She loves veggies such as carrots and green beans... and also after a long walk, she begs for an ice cube to crunch on. She loves belly rubs, and will put her paw on your lap, pushing your hand closer and closer to her belly, and will growl at you if you don't rub it! She's the gentlest dog in the world. She's never bitten me or anyone, and when strangers come and pet her, they can't believe how sweet she is. A very gentle dog.

Everywhere I take Harley, almost everyone stops and tells her how cute she is, giving her a big head! She loves riding in David's truck, sticking her head out the window, seeing what's going on.

Jelene, Harley's Mom

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