Borzoi dog art by dog artist Nancy Boecker. Limited edition prints on canvas brought to you exclusively by Dog Art Dog. Very popular dog lover gifts. Unique custom Borzoi Dog portraits.

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Whether you call them Borzoi or Russian Wolfhounds, this intelligent and gracious dog's personality has been captured beautifully and in living color on canvas by artist Nancy Boecker.

Borzoi Painting

Borzoi dog art detail


Borzoi in Art

The Borzoi's elegance has always made it a popular subject for artists, but never more so than in the Art Deco period.

French artist Louis Icart is particularly known for his paintings of Borzoi.

A famed bronze sculptor of the Art Deco period, D.H. Chiparus, also featured Borzoi in his works. The Borzoi has also been featured extensively as Porcelain or Bronze figures.

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Borzoi Art

Borzoi Art Print, Borzoi Dog Art
"Borzoi Smile"  Borzoi Dog Art Limited Edition Canvas Print

The unique style of dog artist Nancy Boecker brings living color to Borzoi dog art.  This fine giclee limited edition print on canvas of her original watercolor painting is just awesome in person! Borzoi dog art makes fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Wolfhounds, and a prized addition for the Borzoi dog art collector. 

Large piece measuring 11" X 14"

Limited Edition of only 100

Hand Embellished Including Brush Strokes

Signed and Numbered by the Artist

Certificate of Authenticity included

Mounted on Crescent acid-free mounting board and quality varnished

Safe Purchase- Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

11" X 14" Borzoi Limited Edition Giclee Print On Canvas

Borzoi Smile

Shipping choice USPS Priority or Overnight

Artist Nancy Boecker has been surrounded by art since birth. Her family of artist includes her great-grandfather, her grandmother, her mother and the late Gerald Curtis Delano of Denver.

"I love what I am doing. Being able to express myself in this way has been a very positive and happy part of my life. Hopefully these feelings will be felt and enjoyed by others through my artwork".
~ Nancy Boecker

Since you are dealing directly with the artists, all our dog art work on Dog Art Dog is completely customizable to suit your size, color and taste.

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