Dachshund dog art prints and prints on canvas. The soulful Dachshund in an exciting dog pop art fine giclee prints. Dachshund art makes a very popular dog gift.

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Doxie Pop Art

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Dachshund Art

Dachshund art shown in a room setting

Large Dachshund art

Excellent dachshund art. Looks great in my collection. Thank you for the fast shipping.
Imperial, MO

Too Cool! I will enjoy this art forever. Wonderful quality, better then described!
San Francisco, CA


"The print arrived in perfect condition and is more beautiful in-person than online!! It is now being elegantly framed and will wait for my wifes' birthday to be unveiled and hang above our bed, where two identical pups sleep each night. Thank you for your talent and your love of

Steve M
Kennewick, WA

I'm blown away by the quality!
I will be sure to recommend you to any of my dog lover friends if they are looking for an unique gift or work of dog art for themselves.
New York, NY

Satisfaction Guaranteed
My limited edition fine Giclee prints are the highest quality and always exciting to receive. The colors are rich and vivid, so much better than can be shown here. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and have never had one returned.

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Dachshund Art

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"Pop Dachshunds" Dachshund Dog Art

Original pop (pup) art of the classic Dachshund created Warhol style by artist Laura Sotka. These Warhol dogs look so great, and will be the topic of conversation for everyone that sees them. They also make fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Dachshunds.

Custom Sizes and Framing Available

Pop Dachshunds Fine Art Print

Custom Dachshund prints framed and on canvas

Large impressive piece measuring 16" X 36" including 2" border

Fine Giclee Print using heavy archival inks and quality photo gloss paper or canvas

Safe Purchase - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
or Your Money Back

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"Flaming June Doxies"

Dachshund art by artist Laura Sotka. Giclee print on canvas from the artist's breed collection. This piece is being offered exclusively through our site on Fine Art America where you can choose from 8 sizes.

Custom Sizes and Framing

Flaming June Doxies dachshund art custom prints

8 Custom Sizes

Space commanding custom dachshund prints

"Flaming June Doxies Masterpiece"

If Frederick Leighton (circa 1830) had dachshunds, he wouldn't have been able to resist one of their most endearing characteristics, nap-time on a cushy body! Leighton's most delightful painting is more delightful when doxies steal the show. This artwork is available in a space-commanding huge size, the perfect gift for that Dachshund lover in your life!

"If you've never owned dachshunds, no explanation is possible. If you have owned dachshunds,
no explanation is necessary."

Benny Archuleta

About "Molly", my Model:

Molly is a doll! She came to us through Dachshund Rescue of Houston back in October of 2003. Her parent had died, and the family took her to the local shelter. They called Dachshund Rescue when it became obvious that she could not tolerate the extreme stress of the kennel.

When we got her, it was apparent from her records she had been neglected, to say the least. She had been heartworm positive and had an impressive list of critters. The Vet could only guess her age at somewhere between 6 and 9 years. Scared of the world, she was quite a challenge in the beginning. To this day she will not let you pet anywhere but her head.

She lives the life of a pampered child now, with a daily routine of small snacks, a trip to the park, nightly jogs and best of all- Greenies! I learned early about Dachshunds. When you go anywhere and wonder if they would want to come with you, the answer is always YES! I am blessed that I work from my home because even though she acts like little miss independent, she truly hates to be left alone. She is quite a personality, and I am so glad she came to be with me.

Artist Laura Sotka, Molly's mom

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