Exciting Saluki pop art Limited Edition on Canvas from Kathleen Sepulveda's original Saluki dog art watercolor painting.

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Salukis In Art

Ancient Saluki Art

Ancient Egypt Saluki art carvings of the dogs of King Antef.

Saluki Art Bronze
Alberto Giacometti. (Swiss, 1901-1966). "Dog" art cast in bronze was modeled after a Saluki.

The Most Colorful Place For Saluki Art!

Saluki Art

  Saluki Art, saluki pop art print

"Saluki Sunset" Pop Art  

Original dog pop art by artist Kathleen Sepulveda. All the colors of a sunset can be found in this soothing fine limited edition giclee print on canvas inspired from her visits to the tropics. Hand embellished, this limited edition of her original watercolor painting is awesome in person, always exciting to receive! Saluki art makes fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Salukis, and a prized addition for the Saluki art collector.  

Large piece measuring 11" X 14", Hand Embellished Including Brush Strokes

      Limited Edition of only 100 Signed and Numbered

      Certificate of Authenticity included

      Mounted on Crescent acid-free mounting board and quality varnished

      Safe Purchase- Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back

11" X 14" Saluki Art Limited Edition Fine Giclee Print on Canvas
Saluki Sunset

Shipping choice USPS Priority or Overnight


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