Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog art and Cavalier collectibles prints and paintings. Unique custom Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portraits from your Cavalier photo. Very popular dog lover gifts.

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King Charles Cavalier Dog Art

Cavalier Dog Art

"Oh Laura, he is gorgeous... and you are phenomenal!!
Everything I expected and more."

Louise Mendrala
Sanford, MI

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My limited edition fine Giclee prints are the highest quality and always exciting to receive. The colors are rich and vivid, so much better than can be shown here. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and have never had one returned.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Art

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"Pop Cavaliers" King Charles Spaniel Dog Art

Original pop (pup) art of the classic Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Warhol" style by Artist Laura Sotka. Just watch as this fine Cavalier art becomes the topic of conversation for everyone that sees them. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel art makes fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Cavaliers, and a prized addition for the Cavalier King Charles art collector.

Custom Sizes and Framing Available

Pop Cavaliers Fine Art Print

Custom Cavalier King Charles prints framed and on canvas

Large impressive piece measuring 16" X 36" including 2" border

Fine Giclee Print using heavy archival inks and quality photo gloss paper or canvas

Safe Purchase - Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed
or Your Money Back

King Charles Cavalier art, cavalier art

"Cavalier Blue" Pop Art On Canvas

Original pop art of the classic King Charles Cavalier by dog artist Laura Sotka. A special single edition giclee print on canvas from the artist's breed collection. The colors are vibrant and just stunning in person!

About "Rocky", my model:
Almost 10 years ago, we received 7-week-old Rocky from a mid-west breeder. Unknowing to the breeder at the time, Rocky (and two of his brothers) had contracted parvovirus disease. We had picked up Rocky on a Saturday and had a "new puppy" vet appointment planned for Tuesday. By Monday, he just seemed listless, not "typical puppy." Immediately we took him to the vet, and he was subsequently diagnosed. At only about 4 pounds, he practically had around-the-clock care for the week as his IVs kept coming out, etc. Finally, the vet decided they had done everything they could for him. The disease had run its course, but Rocky just wouldn't eat. We asked if we could see him... maybe we could get him to eat.

We must have really bonded during those first couple of days that we had him, as he just started licking my face when I picked him up. I remember I ended up smearing wet dog food on my face to get him to eat it! I don't know if he actually ate anything while we were there, but the vet said when she walked in the building the next morning, she heard this little bark; and Rocky was up in his cage, ready to start his new life!

This was the first puppy from my vet's clinic that made it through the disease. Unfortunately, that was not the case for Rocky's siblings.

April 23rd is Rocky's 10th birthday. We certainly have something to celebrate as we originally thought he wouldn't make it to 10 weeks old! Your print will be a focal point in honor of Rocky. We can't thank you enough!

Louise, Rocky's Mom

Cavalier King Charles dog with his art portrait
"Is this the right amount of head tilt?"

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