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Her dog art has been critically acclaimed as "Avant garde, imaginative, expressive and fun" and is displayed in private and corporate collections around the world.
Dog Art Artist Laura Sotka
Laura Sotka has always called Texas home, but a recent move to the edge of the Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia has brought her out of the city, and now surrounded in beauty.

Her art has been published in Time Magazine, appeared in movies and has been used to illustrate numerous books and covers.

Laura has been supportive in the artist community giving of her talents, and walks the talk on dog rescue. It is her love of dogs, all dogs, every shape, size and personality that shows in the exceptional quality that is exhibited throughout her pieces. She has always offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and has never had a return. It is her joy to offer you dog art that makes you smile!
Laura, Molly and Jake
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WHY DOGS? I never had children, so my dogs are my kids. Yea, I'm crazy about them. I choose homes based on how large the backyard is, if a doggie door can be put in, etc. Travel is sometimes out of the question because "what about the dogs?" I have one that stays at my side 24/7, which makes bathroom breaks a little embarrassing. I haven't taken to dressing them up yet, but who knows- if that perfect outfit comes around...
They are my joy, and I could not imagine life without them.
Artist Laura Sotka
Check out my website of Christian art in high resolution, free to download and keep.
Christ Images

What is a "Giclee" print?
Giclee (pronounced "gee-clay") is a French word meaning "a spraying of ink". Giclee prints have many advantages over both offset lithography and seriographs (screen prints). Giclee prints have a higher apparent resolution than lithographs and the dynamic color range is greater than seriography.

The printing technique utilizes microscopically fine droplets of ink to form the image. A print can consist of nearly 20 billion ink droplets. This unique feature produces a near continuous tone image, smoother gradation between tones and a more finely differentiated color palette.

It is often very difficult to distinguish the giclee from the original painting.

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