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Through their years of creating these unique dog art pieces, each artist has had their favorites. This grouping has been put together to form "The Breeds" series. All of these pieces are limited editions, signed and numbered by the artist, or in stained glass, a glass reproduction of the pattern shown on this site, also signed by the artist. Also, commissioned pieces can be created from your own personal dog photo. What a special way to include the canine member of the family in artwork displayed in your home.


Two Sisters, two different parts of the country, two different artistic styles, sharing one main thing. The love of dogs. All dogs. Every shape, size and personality. It is this love that shows in the exceptional quality and artistic detail that is

Dog Art Artist Laura Sotkaexhibited throughout all their pieces. Although Laura and Holly are utilizing distinct styles and media, each is creating an original piece of art that reflects their passion for dogs.
   Laura and Molly & Jake

Their dog art has been critically acclaimed as "Avant garde, imaginative, expressive and fun" and is displayed in private and corporate collections around the world.

Dog Art Artist Holly Klay Holly and Jackson, tweezing glass slivers

WHY DOGS?  I never had children, so my dogs are my kids. Yea, I'm crazy about them. I choose homes based on how large the backyard is, if a doggie door can be put in, etc. Travel is sometimes out of the question because "what about the dogs?" I have one that stays at my side 24/7 (which makes bathroom breaks a little embarrassing). I haven't taken to dressing them up yet, but who knows- if that perfect outfit comes around... They are my joy, and I could not imagine life without them. ~Artist Laura Sotka Check out my new web site Free Christ Images

Artist Nancy Boecker has been surrounded by art since birth. Her family of artist includes her great-grandfather, her grandmother, her mother and the late Gerald Curtis Delano of Denver.

"I love what I am doing. Being able to express myself in this way has been a very positive and happy part of my life. Hopefully these feelings will be felt and enjoyed by others through my artwork".
~ Nancy Boecker


Artist Lee Smith
Artist Lee Smith is a self taught artist who has received honor awards for her work in still life, portrait and figurative. She is a member of the National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society and The Center For Visual Artists. She has exhibited group and solo, including at The Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art and Folk Fest 2004
Atlanta. Her work is on display in galleries in both Carolinas, at and in private and other collections in the United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, United Kingdom, Ruissia and Sweden.
"My portraits, whether human or animal, are tender expressions of purposeful sentimentality.
My goal is to capture the spirit that's present in all things revealing the beauty, joy and dignity of singular moments. What I've learned is that at the end of the day, life is a tapestry, woven of the tiniest threads, those smallest of pleasures."
~Lee Smith

Artist Veronica Blazewicz resides in Colorado where she is active in Pug rescue by providing foster care and is a consistent contributor to 11 other dog charities. Internationally collected and highly collectable, her dog art blends fun and whimsy to the breeds while holding the integrity of the dog's features in tack.

Artist Kathleen Sepulveda

Artist Kathleen Sepulveda has been drawing and painting dogs since childhood. Her first awards were won before her teens, with many to follow. Being a native of Southern California she had the good fortune to view some of the great dogs of our time. Traveling throughout the United States, South America, Puerto Rico and parts of Europe, she has studied many examples of each breed. Kathleen's work is well known for capturing the true spirit of each breed. Her exquisite attention to detail is her trademark. Kathleen brings a new approach to the art of dogs by incorporating graphic design to fine watercolor drawings and paintings as well as computer generated images. Ms Sepulveda's art is a part of private collections throughout the world.
"I believe dogs enrich our lives and therefore celebrate them through my art"
~Kathleen Sepulveda


Art By Lori Rowe
As a lover of animals from as far back as she can remember, it was only natural that Lori would feel passionate about painting them. As a Veterinary Medicine pre-med student, she was more strongly drawn to her animal art.
Now she and her human love get to travel where his engineering work takes them along with kids Beauregard, an Australian Shepherd, Sassy, a sheltie mix, Maggie, a cocker mix, and Dak the cat. Lori is part of the group  , artists that donate paintings to raise money for no-kill shelters fundraising efforts. 

Since you are dealing directly with the artists, all our dog art work on Dog Art Dog is completely customizable to suit your size, color and taste.

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