Exciting pop Weimaraner art in the style of Andy Warhol!  Limited edition Weim art by dog artists Laura Sotka and Vern Blazewicz.

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Weimaraner blue dog art
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Weimaraner Pop Art

Weimaraner Artwork Painting


The quality of this dog art piece cannot be over emphasized. If you like this Weimaraner art at 1/6 the size, and 72 resolution (for faster loading web pages), you are going to LOVE them full-size in person!


Way happy with the Weimaraner art I received in just two days in excellent shape. Just beautiful!

~David M
Boise, ID










Isn't it time you made your Weimaraner the star they were meant to be? Unique custom Weimaraner portraits from your Weimaraner photo also available.


The Most Colorful Place For Weim Art!

Weimaraner Art

Weimaraner Art, dog art

"Pop Weimaraners" Pop Art 

Original pop (pup) dog art of the classic Weimaraner "Warhol" style by Dog Art Dog artist Laura Sotka. Just watch as this fine Weimaraner art becomes the topic of conversation for everyone that sees them. Weimaraner art makes fantastic surprise gifts for friends and family members who love their Weims, and a prized addition for the Weimaraner art collector.

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Custom Sizes and Framing

Custom Weimaraner prints framed and on canvas

Weimaraner Art Martini Dog Art Print

"Weimaraner Martini" Limited Edition GicleePrint on Canvas

Only available on Dog Art Dog, artist Vern Blazewicz's famous Martini collection limited edition on canvas, hand embellished and ready for framing.

Fine giclee print on canvas hand embellished to make each one unique (unframed)
Limited Edition of just 100 signed and numbered 
Certificate of Authenticity included

Mounted on Crescent acid-free mounting board and quality varnished

8" X 10" Weimaraner Martini Print onCanvas
Weimaraner Martini

Shipping choice USPS Priority or Overnight

About Deimos, my model:

Deimos is a 21-month-old Weimaraner that is quite full of himself. One of his favorite things to do is watch himself bark in the mirror as he fiercely protects his family from imaginary bad guys. You wouldn't expect such a tough guy to be nicknamed "Sissy Boy" but due to his utter disdain for placing his paws on wet grass, he certainly deserves the name. You could say he is a high maintenance Weim and definitely a momma's boy. He follows me everywhere I go, no matter what I am doing. He keeps me in his sight at all times.

Deimos is quite an entertainer and will do just about anything for a treat, some peanut butter, or even an ice cube. If you don't give him the treat quick enough he will go through his entire repertoire of tricks without you even asking. Unfortunately his favorite trick is "speak". Even so, I wouldn't trade him for the World. He is sweet, cuddly, funny, brilliant and a true companion. Who could ask for more?

He and his Weim sister Ellie love to play tug of war and catch as well as wrestle, fight over bones, run like the wind and snuggle up on the couch to relax. They make quite a pair and I think she would say he is an excellent younger brother even though he does irritate her from time to time.
-Kim Coley, Deimos' Mom


Since you are dealing directly with the artists, all our dog art work on Dog Art Dog is completely customizable to suit your size, color and taste.

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